why you need to think beyond demographics and think ‘people’ instead.

we layer up people diagnostics to uncover how people think, feel and act which also helps us to identify tribes and personality traits within audiences.

this gives you a unique view on the people that impact you and what matters to them.


why people aren’t thinking of you first.

we use a combination of biometric technologies to examine what impact the level of attention and the strength of people’s connections between topics has on their memory recall and processing using electroencephalogram (eeg) and implicit association testing.

this shows why your messages aren’t being committed into memory and how to make more meaningful connections.


why people have that opinion and what’s creating their biases.

we pick apart both the subconscious and the explicit reactions that people have towards you. we capture people’s real-time interactions and experiences to see exactly what is fueling their points of view.

this shows you the subconscious and explicit opinions that people have about you and how you can change them.


why more people aren’t buying what you’re selling.

we track your interactions with people and study their decision making process to identify why they aren’t completing their purchase journey with you.

this identifies and tracks interactions anywhere with the brand that could be improved and the incremental cost benefit of investing in fixing them.


why you need to refresh your approach and how to get inspired.

we marry your creativity with data from our people diagnostics to help you get the message you want to convey just right to evoke real responses.

this quickly tests ways and approaches for you to engage with people that are informed and measured against people’s reactions.


why people aren’t doing what you expect them to do.

we tell you why people aren’t behaving as you want them to by identifying the barriers and calculating the motivations needed for them to change their behaviour.

this validates our approach by putting it against forecasting and modelling to give you the confidence in adopting behaviour change.

the team that makes it happen